Patches! T-Shirts and Stickers?!

Patches! T-Shirts and Stickers?!

Hey everyone!

We have a lot more cool Doerr merch to show off to your friends and help spread the word. Besides the new and improved 3" patches that fit perfectly on your shoulder, we have the basic Doerr sticker and a variety of T-Shirts.

With everyone's support, we're able to create and offer more cool things. Those that bought the second edition patches, helped us fund the patches and T-Shirts that we're offering now. Continued success will allow us to create other character goodies, such as the Cancelled Rainbow Red Knight patch. Yes, the Shooter patch will be next. The team has many great ideas along with a lot suggestions from fans that we can’t wait to make them a reality.

Here’s what we are releasing this September:

3” Doerr Shoulder Patch:

This patch comes with filled in eyes and give a reflective look to catch the attention of others.

3” Cancelled Rainbow Red Knight Patch:

Were you just canceled or are you a Red Knight at heart? Rock this patch as you leave the flight line.

5 Pack of Doerr Stickers:

Want to show off your spirit animal? Slap this bad bird on your flight gear, helmet, canteen, laptop or anything you can think of! These are scratch and weatherproof!

White/Navy Blue/Black/Olive Green Doerr Comic T-Shirts:

Rock these Doerr Comic Tees out in town or during your flights!

Retro Doerr T-Shirt:

Give into the vice world of primary by wearing retro t-shirt.

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